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“The original rowhomes of the 1880’s Pullman Company Town were various sizes and designed to accommodate workers of all levels. They were rented to residents by the company, and boasted unique amenities such as indoor plumbing (flush toilets), well-ventilated and well-lit rooms, and steam heating for the executive homes.”  🔗

Construction of the town of Pullman was executed by Pullman employees. Structures were made of brick from clay found in Lake Calumet.  Pullman shops produced component parts used in the building of the town. This was their first project using industrial technology and mass production in the construction of a large-scale housing development. 

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Ronnie Frey
Ronnie Frey

Passionate about architecture and better living through beautiful design, Ronnie Frey is the photographer behind Doorways of Chicago and the principal of Frey Design.

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