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Cottages & Bungalows Oct-Nov 2021 Featuring Doorways of Chicago

SAVE THE COTTAGES! Deb’s street has rows of workers cottages on both sides of the tree-lined sidewalks-ararity. Ronnie says the original homes were cookie-cutter designs because Chicago grew so quickly during the Industrial Revolution and workers needed places to live that were quick and inexpensive to build.

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Doorways of Chicago featured on Time Out Chicago

We set out to find some Instagram accounts that go beyond the typical deluge of Chicago attractions and perfectly-framed skyline views. We’ve gathered 17 accounts that capture different aspects of the city’s streets and scenery.

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Doorways of Chicago Featured on Secret Chicago

Searching through the wide range of shots from Chicago’s talented photographers, we’ve come across several that look like they could be works of art on display in the  Art Institute of Chicago.  Here we’ve rounded up some of the very best images of Chicago this week, exhibiting our beloved city in all its beauty.

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