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Chicago Walking Tours

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Doorways Of Chicago by Ronnie Frey

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1236 N Hoyne Ave

1236 North Hoyne Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

Chicago, IL, US, 60622

See 40+ Stunning Chicago’s Workers Cottages – A Chicago Architectural Vernacular Of The Late 1800’s – PLUS MANY MORE HISTORIC PROPERTIES

“Chicago has faced its fair share of adversity in its 184-year history, but the city has always risen from the ashes, both literally and figuratively. Its most remarkable renaissance came in the wake of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The inferno killed 300 people, left another 100,000 homeless, and cost a jaw-dropping $222 million (equivalent to $4.7 billion in 2020), but it also gave birth to a beautiful new city, built with brick and better than ever. 

Sadly, one iconic building style, the workers cottage, which flourished both before and after the Great Fire, has recently been falling victim to urban developers whose visions just don’t jive with historic lot sizes or bygone architectural styles. As demand grows for apartments and other higher-density housing, many of these humble dwellings are at risk of being razed.” -bobvila.com

This tour will show you many of these delightful cottages and the different styles they were designed and constructed in. Plus you will hear about some fascinating Chicago history that dates back 150 years and beyond!

NOTE: This is a 2 hour, three-mile walking tour so not suitable for most children under 13 or adults with health issues. The tour begins in front of the small workers cottage home at 1236 N. Hoyne Ave, Chicago IL 60622 (I will meet you there) The tour usually ends at 1266 N. Wolcott Ave, Chicago IL 60622 (In some circumstances the ending address may be different than this).

This is one of my first tours to offer a VERY unique experience. While on the tour you will be able to follow along using your phone to see many historic and interior photos related to some stops, making this a one-of-a-kind, interactive tour experience like none other!

Here’s how it works:

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3. The day before the tour you will be emailed with a 100% discount code to enter so you can see the WICKER PARK photos in the app (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FREE). If you have any problems with getting this set up I can help you just prior to the tour. I am always at the starting point early. This is not necessary to FULLY enjoy the tour so if you don’t want to participate, no problem!


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Notable Historic Property: The John Raap Home

Learn about the fascinating history of this stunning example of Second Empire architecture and the history of this home, which involves murder, among other things.

Workers Cottages: See this cottage plus many more!

Hear all about the fascinating Chicago and United States history behind these darling cottages in the city.

NOTABLE HISTORIC PROPERTY: Turkish Baths on North Avenue

Hear about how buildings like this one changed the face of personal hygiene in America, specifically the practice of bathing.


Home of Herman Weinhardt, president of the Niemann and Weinhardt Table Company

Hear about the history of this quirky home that is one of the most photographed homes in all of Chicago.

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