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Chicago Walking Tours

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Ronnie Frey, founder of @doorwaysofchicago


164 W Eugenie St

164 West Eugenie Street, Chicago, IL 60614

Chicago, IL, US, 60614

See 30+ Stunning Chicago’s Workers Cottages – An Architectural Vernacular Of the Late 1800’s – PLUS MANY MORE NOTABLE PROPERTIES

“Chicago has faced its fair share of adversity in its 184-year history, but the city has always risen from the ashes, both literally and figuratively. Its most remarkable renaissance came in the wake of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The inferno killed 300 people, left another 100,000 homeless but it also gave birth to a beautiful new city, built with brick and better than ever. 

Sadly, one iconic building style, the workers cottage, which flourished both before and after the Great Fire, has recently been falling victim to urban developers whose visions just don’t jibe with historic lot sizes or bygone architectural styles. As demand grows for apartments and other higher-density housing, many of these humble dwellings are at risk of being razed.”

This tour will show you many of these delightful cottages and the different styles they were designed and constructed in. Also, you will see some very rare instances where there are several in a row or in one case, an entire block of cottages on both sides of the street! Plus you will hear about some fascinating Chicago history that dates back 150 years and beyond! It’s a time travel tour where you get to see countless fabulous original doorways dating back to the late 1800’s!

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Noteable Property:

The Amazing Rowhouses on W. Eugenie Street

Bonus on this tour: Learn about the fascinating history of this extremely rare variegated row of 5 opulent Queen Anne and Second Empire style houses, designed by Norwegian architect Harold Hansen in 1886.

Another Noteable Property:

The Fabulous Rowhouses of N. Crilly Court

Bonus on this tour: Learn about this incredible one-block long, narrow street and all of the famous people that lived here as well as the rich history behind these dwellings. Find out about one of the units that is not only a Chicago Landmark but a U.S. National Landmark!

What the heck are all these people’s names doing above the doorways across the street? Who are they? What is their significance to Chicago? Find out…IT’S FASCINATING!

St. Michael’s Church

Bonus on this tour: Pick a Saturday or Sunday tour and we arrive at St. Michael’s just as Mass is finishing. Sometimes we get to go inside (not guaranteed) to see the incredible cathedral-like interior, but also you can hear a full round of the noon church bells peel! GOLDEN! In addition, learn the fascinating history of this church and some of the architectural records it holds.

The Tiny Fire Shanty Cottage

Along with over 40 -50 other darling, adorable workers cottages, you will see this little cutiepie and hear why it’s called a fire shanty AND how much it cost to buy (fully furnished) in 1874!

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