How it All began

A few years ago I joined instagram and soon discovered some amazing feeds that featured doorways. Not long after that, I was on a short work trip to London and Plymouth, it was my first time in the UK and I was tortured by the understanding I would not have any free time. On the winding road up to our hotel, out of a rain-drenched bus window, I spotted a small, bright blue door punctuating the wall of a tall, drab structure. It’s called the Royal Citadel and is steps away from where the Mayflower set sail for America!

While my colleagues napped, I braved the wet and dismal weather to walk back to the Citadel. As I approached it the wind turned my umbrella inside out, I frantically dug for my phone and managed to snap a few pictures. I remember thinking, “I must be OUT OF MY MIND”. 

Back home in Chicago, as early spring arrived I started taking walks on my lunch break as I often did to enjoy our beautiful architecture. I began snapping pictures of gorgeous doors and posting them on my personal Instagram feed. A few months later, having assembled a hefty collection of photos, @doorwaysofchicago was born! 

Doors are very symbolic and for me they represent portals through which I enter a peaceful and meditative state of “no thinking”. The funny thing is, I then really am OUT OF MY MIND! And it’s a good thing because I know I am so much more than my mind! 

Initially, I posted only doorways, but then my love of architecture took over, and I decided to show the homes and buildings these gorgeous doors belong to. I also wanted to share many other passions, so vintage planes, trains, automobiles and boats started showing up in my feed (after all they have doors too!). And when I travel I share the same content from other places outside of Chicago. While the account has evolved over time I work at staying true to the name, and in nearly every photo there is a door.

Always take the time to do what you love. The hunt for content reminds me to live in the moment and has become one of the most satisfying and delightful things I’ve ever done for myself.

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