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50 Fabulous Facades With Stunning Architectural Attributes In Chicago

Originally posted on Chicago’s architectural diversity is second to none! Chicago is teeming with architectural gems of all shapes and sizes. Chicago is famed for its architectural diversity. Gothic, Victorian, Romanesque, Art Deco, an array of different Modernist styles, you name it – Chicago has it. From wonderful Workers Cottages and charming Chateauesque Mansions to the wide range of

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Ronnie Frey

Doorways Of Chicago Launches Wicker Park Walking Tour, Highlighting Workers Cottages And Neighborhood Landmarks

Self-guided tours of the neighborhood from the popular Instagram account are now available. In-person tours will begin in April. Originally published on Block Club Chicago. WICKER PARK — The person behind a popular Chicago Instagram account is launching a series of walking tours of historical homes and landmarks in Wicker Park. Doorways of Chicago is run by Ronnie Frey. He posts

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Doorways of Chicago featured on Bob Vila Historic Homes And More Section

“This Popular Housing Style In Chicago Is Going Extinct”. Workers cottages, once a staple of Chicago’s middle-class culture, came to define the character of its residential neighborhoods. Now they’re being demolished in the name of urban development. Can they be saved, or will they slip, one by one, into obscurity?

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