Discover amazing Chicago architecture and more


Explore Chicago’s architecture through tours that bring you up close and personal with hidden gems  you won’t find in mainstream tours. Ronnie’s love of architecture comes through in every single tour for an unforgettable experience.



A very happy group of 10 tourists at the completion of another great walking tour!

What People are saying

"Absolutely magical walk through time to discover the amazing worker’s cottages of Chicago. Passionate tour guide Ronnie leads a walk through the history of these wonderful homes in a charming neighborhood you have to see to believe. Ronnie’s enthusiasm and knowledge are endless and his engaging narrative will enchant your experience of discovering these delightful cottages, the neighborhood, and lots of surprises along the way. I highly recommend this tour for any resident or visitor to Chicago!!!" User
"We moved to Chicago eight months ago and Ronnie’s tour was a perfect mix of history, architecture, culture and neighborhood to start to get us acquainted with the beauty of our beautiful new city. Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and of a million hidden gems. On this tour, you really get to see a few of them most major “best of Chicago” tours would never uncover. Highly recommend! " User



The search for doors and other content to capture is like therapy for me, transporting me into a state of peacefulness & meditation and getting me out of my own head.

Photography allows me to paint a picture, tell a story, strike a chord, and deliver a message. It can conjure up emotions, stir memories, and even act as inspiration.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my work with you.

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