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While live, in-person tours are a great experience, not everyone is able to attend at the scheduled date and times.  Enter phone app-based, self-guided tours.  These are tours you can take on your own time, using your phone, with Ronnie as your tour guide.  How cool is that?! Other advantages:
  • You can see a preview of each tour
  • You can take photos and post on your social media
  • You can take the tour as many times as you want
  • You can bring friends or go solo
  • You can stop for food or drink breaks
@doorwaysofchicago partnered with the new eATLAS mobile phone-based app. You download the free app to your mobile device from either the App Store® or Google Play and then explore the many tour options.
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The eAtlas app is required to access the tours below.
Download it for your device using the following links:

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Workers cottages of old town triangle
bits of boystown
Historic Homes, Cottages & Buildings Of Wicker Park
Historic Homes, Cottages & Buildings Of Ukrainian Village
Instances of Resistance Driving Tour
Historic Mansions of Prarie Avenue
Historic Pullman National Monument
Retro River North
eATLAS Retro River North Tour Cover Image
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