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Tell It Tuesday

Pullman Exhibit Hall

The Pullman Exhibit Hall was opened in 1993 by the Historic Pullman Foundation as an adaptive reuse of a 50s American Legion Hall. When George Pullman first built his town in 1881, there was an enormous structure on this site called the Arcade Building.  Photo 2 shows Pullman strikers outside the building. The Illinois National Guard can be seen guarding

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Therapeutic Thursday

Greenstone Methodist Church

Phototherapy help 5 cents…the DOC is in! Having spent the better part of my childhood and adult life in churches 3x a week, I developed a love for them, especially historic structures like the Greenstone Church in Pullman.  I believe everyone who considers themselves spiritual has a different journey and there are those who consider themselves void of any spirituality

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Workers Cottage Wednesday

Workers Cottages -Pullman

c1880-1884 “The original rowhomes of the 1880’s Pullman Company Town were various sizes and designed to accommodate workers of all levels. They were rented to residents by the company, and boasted unique amenities such as indoor plumbing (flush toilets), well-ventilated and well-lit rooms, and steam heating for the executive homes.”  🔗 Construction of the town of Pullman was executed by

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Mansard Monday

Hotel Florence – Pullman, IL

Queen Anne/Eastlake/Gothic Revival Solon Bemancirca 1881 Ever since high school, I have had an affinity for any building or residence with a mansard roof. All Second Empire homes and sometimes other styles, like the Queen Anne style Hotel Florence sport this extremely sloped roof, popular from around 1855 to the early 1900s in the U.S.  Also called a French roof or

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Pullman National Monument

This is the most fabulous, MUST SEE, historic preservation project in all of Chicago! The new @nationalparkservice Pullman Visitor Center is located in the former Administration Clock Tower Building of the Pullman Palace Car Company Factory. A 141-year-old piece of history that is making history again as the first National Monument in America located in an urban setting! Pullman was

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Sunday Funday

York Theatre – Elmhurst

Art DecoElmer BehrnsCirca 1924 What is your favorite movie? Casablanca? Singing in the Rain? ET? Rambo? Whatever it is, chances are good that it has been shown at the York Theatre that has operated continuously in the same location, 150 N. York, since it opened in 1924. Designed by architect Elmer Behrns, the theater had a single auditorium with a

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Weekend Wandering

North Avenue Beach – Summer 2020

This will always be remembered as one of the most dynamic summers in my lifetime This is one of Chicago’s busiest beaches and here it was desolate and forelorn during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Therapeutic Thursday

Aqua Tower Chicago

Jeanne Gang – Studio Gang Circa 2009 I wonder how many doors are in this photo?! The Aqua Tower’s design is a brilliant new approach to the problem long ago identified by Louis Sullivan—how to create an aesthetic for a functional tall building. The basic structure is a standard, modern box. But Jeanne Gang and her firm, @studiogang, surrounded this

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