Pullman Exhibit Hall

Pullman Exhibit Hall, 11141 S. Cottage Grove Ave
Pullman Exhibit Hall, 11141 S. Cottage Grove Ave

The Pullman Exhibit Hall was opened in 1993 by the Historic Pullman Foundation as an adaptive reuse of a 50s American Legion Hall. When George Pullman first built his town in 1881, there was an enormous structure on this site called the Arcade Building. 

Photo 2 shows Pullman strikers outside the building. The Illinois National Guard can be seen guarding the building during the Pullman Railroad Strike of 1894. This building was an extremely brilliant forerunner to the modern-day shopping mall!

Click here to read more about the Historic Pullman Arcade Building and the artists who created the exterior mural…

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Ronnie Frey

Passionate about architecture and better living through beautiful design, Ronnie Frey is the photographer behind Doorways of Chicago and the principal of Frey Design.

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